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SGI juzu,nichiren type,black color koshu boshu,brown/white balls


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Oyadama / boshu Bead - material: black wood, size 18 mm

Omodama / koshu Beads - material: black wood, size 7.5 mm

Shitendama / 'segment' or 'marker' beads - material: black wood, size 6.5 mm

Style: This formal juzu has 108 koshu 'children'/main beads, two larger boshu 'parent' beads and 4 shitendama 'segment' or ' marker' beads which are slightly smaller than the 108 koshu beads). The 2 boshu are placed at opposite ends of the string of koshu beads. One boshu has 2 strings of additional beads hanging from it, the other boshu has 3 strings of additional beads.

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