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Shingon ojuzu string beads, Authentic large bodaiju,maroon balls


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Oyadama / boshu Bead - material: smoky quartz precious gemstone, size 16 mm

108 koshu Beads - material: Bodaiju Bodhi seeds(Seigetsu type), size 11 mm*8 mm

Shitendama / 'segment' or 'marker' beads - material: smoky quartz, size 6 mm

Juzu case: paulownia wooden box

The Buddhist rosary is known in Japan as a nenju or alternatively, a juzu. (sometimes o-juzu). Nenju refers to 'beads used for mindful practice', and juzu translates as 'counting beads' (tally-beads). The nenju used by the Shingon shu has 2 -strings on each boshu parent bead.

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