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Jodo Juzu Nembutsu count beads Grade-A crystal&Bodhi Nikka nenju


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Jodo shu (Pure Land school) style:
- Oyadama Master Bead /Buddha Parent Bead - material: precious crystal,size 16 mm
- Omodama koshu beads: precious crystal,size 12 mm (47 pearls)
- Shitendama segment beads - material: precious crystal, size 4 mm(21 pearls)
- Deshidama beads-material: Seigetsu Bodaiju(flat & round)

Silk cord tassels / woven hand-made balls: light blue or custom color
Storage case(included): paulownia wood box

Information about USE:
The juzu is held in the left hand with the twenty-seven bead loop held between the index and middle fingers and the other loop between index finger and thumb.

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