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O Juzu prayer beads of Jodo Pureland sect rokumanben guri nikka


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Jodo shu (the Pure Land sect) style:
- Oyadama Buddha bead - material: tiger eye natural stone,size 16 mm
- Omodama counter body beads: starmoon bodhi seeds(seigetsu Bodaiju),size 12 mm
- Deshidama beads-material: Seigetsu Bodaiju
Silk cord tassels / woven hand-made balls: light blue or custom color
Storage case(included): paulownia wood box

【浄土宗】This kind of Juzu(nikka or: rokumanben guri nikka) is one of popular Jōdo Shū(Pure Land Sect) Juzu - designed for counting 60,000 recitations of the nembutsu. This juzu consists of two loops - one loop with forty beads and a parent bead (called an oyadama); and one loop with twenty-seven beads interspaced with small beads and one oyadama. This second loop has a floating metal ring to which two tassels are attached - one with ten flat beads; and one with six small round beads.

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